release on stasis recordings (toronto) (SRWAX03) supertrampel ep

remix on stasis recordings (toronto) 11.08.17 (SRWAX02) sky – flying angels remix

remix on stasis recordings (toronto) 26.03.17 (SR052) edge of the forest – adriano mirabile redive

remix on stasis recordings (toronto) 30.09.16 (SRWAX01) dreamseeker – deeper dream rmx

release on wondermachine music (zürich) 21.06.16 (WOND013) “atyp” ep – atyp

release on wondermachine music (zürich) 21.06.16 (WOND013) “atyp” ep – seconds of silence

release on wondermachine music (zürich) 21.06.16 (WOND013) “atyp” ep – daydreamer

release on stasis recordings (toronto) 29.05.16 (sr050) “what we do” compilation – roses on the floor”

release on scheef records (nl) 21.12.15 (scheef007) junda ep

release on sirion records (berne) 17.06.15 – “midnight pulse” – sub messages – adriano mirabile submerged remix

release on senzen (berlin) 12.05.14 (senzen06) – oor wurm ep – “oor wurm”

release on bleepsequence (usa) 10.05.14 (blpsq039) – “der automat und sein Junior”

release on stasis recordings (toronto) 15.12.13 (SR033) “off land – over tide recon remixes

release on stasis recordings (toronto) 23.06.13 (SR026) “sanderson dear – avec tu remixes

release on sirion records (ch) 07.06.13 (SR035) “bärn kompileischn pt. 2 (vinyl)” – “stolen heart”

release on stasis recordings (toronto) 24.02.13 (SR022) “perpetuum mobile ep”

remix on bleepsequence (usa) 02.10.2012 (blpsq027) “Dorian Gray” from Santhiago

release on kollektiv artists (ru) 26.04.2012 (Volume 7)

live project with margrit rieben (sounds) and lukas frey (doublebass) on bleepsequence birthday release (usa) 04.04.2012 (blpsq020)

remix on bleepsequence (usa) 23.12.2011 (blpsq017) “hope ep” from drugstore

release on kreativa records (mexico) 01.12.2011 various artist

release on kreativa records (mexico) 30.11.2011 (KRD007) /continues think ep”

remix on klangpunkt records (germany) 19.09.2011 (KPR016) “little maïneutz ep” from konvex

release on doma musique (spain) 14.09.2011 (Doma008) “ruido en mi” for free download

release on bleepsequence (usa) 07.02.2011 (blpsq011) “compãnhero” for free download

release on klangpunkt records (germany) 25.11.10 (KPR001) “through time ep”

remix on bleepsequence (usa) 14.09.10 “self enhancement ep” – “Orchestral Manouver” from jay phonic for free download

release on bleepsequence (usa) 01.07.10 (blps006) “bolada ep” for free download

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