blpsq020 V/A – waveforms

After countless hours of intensive sound warping research, the bleepsequence collective has reached new heights (and depths) of sonic modulation studies. The bleep team was tasked to look to the iconic shapes of sound waves for inspiration: square, sine, triangle, sawtooth. From there, the interpretations evolved dramatically and grew beyond human control in some cases, and finally the entire collection combined into a mind expanding milestone to mark twenty releases, and two years.

Adriano Mirabile feat. Lukas Frey (Kontrabass) & Margrit Rieben (Sounds) – bleepsinephonie
Ingemar Stalholm – sinus is everything [phases & waves]
Konketsu & The Automatic Message – lambertia formosa
Humeka – in sine out
Storlon – fourier’s theorem
Lowbard – sine hops
Nacho Monetto & Victor Frias – xor
Ann Other – SounDbleEpIN-frOM…
Infloria – subwaves
Bleupulp – cd-cd
Shunsuke Akimoto – dango
Paulice – expedition to the scrapyard
Dr. Nojoke – fensterplatz
Hemiptera – khamaseen
Revy – deltitnu
Cyanwave & The Automatic Message – the walls
Relative Q – something borrowed something stolen
Chris Firenze – complex roots
Alex Falk – 84 squarewaves in search of an oscillator
Jay Phonic – I saw the chainsaw
Myniciush – hospedado en una caja de cerillos

Cover artwork by Jonathan Mangelinckx
Mastering by Paul Zyla
Bonus mix – 2 years of blpsq by Jay Phonic

Download Complete Release:
320 kbps mp3 – archive – sonicsquirrel
lossless flac – archive

Stream – archive – sonicsquirrel