as 2011 comes to a close, one can only look forward to the following year with a simple optimistic feeling: hope. drugstore and krzho split this release with a pair of feelgood melodic tracks that have no problem retaining their techno grit, and a slew of intense remixes run the gamut from deep and dark warehouse destruction to tastefully epic flavors of retroid progressive. and as a bonus, revy has condensed the entire package into a bite sized dj mix, drenched in anthemic glee.

Drugstore – Hope
Krzho – Mr. ShtingItz Chair
Krzho – Mr. ShtingItz Chair (Drugstore Remix)
Drugstore – Hope (Krzho Never Give Up Remix)
Drugstore – Hope (Adriano Mirabile Remix)
Drugstore – Hope (John Massey Remix)
Drugstore – Hope (Chris Firenze Remix)
Drugstore – Hope (Jay Phonic Remix)

Bonus Material – Hoping for a Chair Micromix by Revy
Cover artwork by Revy

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