Out Now! bleepsequence 4 yerars compilation incl. my contribute track “Der Automat und sein Junior” alongside many great artists!

1. Andrés Marcos – La Porta Socchiusa
2. Jay Phonic – Dreamcell Override
3. Arbee – Balle Sur Fond Beige
4. Revy – Throne
5. TomZn – Jimmy Glitschi
6. Ingemar Stalholm – mi8pa8
7. ((S*5)) – The Future
8. John Foley – Donkey Jockey, Smackin’ Those Itchies
9. Leriseux – Do Androids Dream of Beep?
10. Storlon – Scottish Dreams
11. Bleupulp – 13 Flames
12. Rutti Savrola – Rutti Dreams of Normal Life
13. Marianne – Child
14. Time For Trees – Once You Turn Away
15. Aphreaq – Breathing Enmity
16. Adriano Mirabile – Der Automat und Sein Junior
17. Hemiptera – When Sound is a Weapon
18. Shibby Shitegeist – Dreaming Deadlines


Our collective has come together in Bleepsequence’s fourth collaborative compilation with new efforts in manifesting the deep passions and anxieties of our fluctuating patterns of consciousness. The assignment: Forming dreams into sound. The experiment resulted in a beautiful haze of textures, lush pads, strange found sound, clicky grooves, and thoughtful moods ranging from peaceful to foreboding.