Out Now! Off Land’s Overtide Recon on Stasis Recordings incl. my computadores remix from the track Thickly Settled!

Overtide Recon (the remixes)
01. Intersection (Segue remix)
02. Thickly Settled (Ohrwert alter)
03. Turns (Sanderson Dear version)
04. Road Closed (recon)
05. View Point (Counterspark remix)
06. Thickly Settled (Adriano Mirabile’s computadores remix)
07. State Line (indospheric transform by Indo)
08. Road Closed (Ross Baker remix)
Bonus Track for Bandcamp downloaders!
09. Thickly Settled (All Along The Pavement) (Minimal States remix)

Stasis Recordings (Toronto)

Release Date: 15 December 2013