catch me if you can..

13.09.14 salz und pfeffer

line up (in this order):
Lukas Kleesattel (Beam / Sinneswandel / zh)
Dandy Jack & the fabulous five (Perlon, Ruta5 / ge)
Adriano Mirabile (Senzen, Stasis Recordings, Sinneswandel / be)

looking forward!

from 23:00 @

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next stop at vivo sol club tour!

im kapitel spielen in dieser Reihenfolge

adriano mirabile aka a.d.i.
dj girl
mas roberto

achtung in sämtliche clubs zu sämtlichen konzerten gibts 500 gratis eintritte im kapitel, les amis und im progr abzuholen….einlass nur mit diesen tickets… es gibt keine abendkasse!

also los und ticket sichern, es hat nur noch wenige!
wo und wie erfahrt ihr hier:
vivo sol

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das alternativ programm für diesen samstag!

24.05.14 elektronische herzmusik @



ab 22.00 Uhr
Les Amis
Rathausgasse 63
3011 Bern

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Out today, my debut EP on Senzen Records, Berlin!

listen here:

grab your copie here:

A partial overview of some very nice early feedbacks:

Radio – NOICE! – Harry Ruffner
solid EP.

Berk Offset
brilliant work by mr. mirabile, so much to discover in his track! the floor focus of the remix did not work for me this time.

diggin both mixes. thanks!

Yes, nice vibe. Thx 4 sending

Nadja Lind
nice. thanks for the vibes

Stacey Pullen
cool thanks

Animal Trainer
Both Versions are fantastic…guess gonna play them asap

Magazine – FAZE (Rafael Da Cruz)

Florian Schirmacher
Nice release, thx

Martin Landsky
original for me here all the way…

Benno remix is da shit!

Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!!

Radio FM4 – Marcus Wagner-Lapierre

Radio – Docepulgadas (Spain)
Downloading For DocePulgadas

Radio – Altroverso (DJ Misk)
playlist in altroverso radio

Timo Maas
Downloaded for Timo Maas!

Radio – Calin aka Catastrophic [Tunnel FM - Sweden]
Coolish, thank you guys.

Radio – Mystic Vybes (Mike Stukes)
Can REALLY rock thissss…. :O)

Mihai Popoviciu
remix is nice! thanks.

F.E.X. – (Robotronic Paris)
interesting, will try it

Claudio Coccoluto
good sound

Radio – Triangle Fm // Laurent N.
A Nice Original track with a super remix by Benno Blome.
Will play & Full Support.

Richie Hawtin
downloaded for r hawtin

David Keno
seems promising!

booth trax are great, thanx!

Fetter remix!

Downloading for Tensnake, thx!

Radio – Diversions, CHRY.FM Toronto

remix for me!

Magazine – Posivision

Alexander Maier
The original is the one for me. thanks!

DJ: Terry
Nice tracks

Da Funk
both tracks for me here! support!

Radio – Raza.fm // Schaffhausen
schön gechillt könnte man sagen..

Brothers Vibe
ALL good!

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Out Now! bleepsequence 4 yerars compilation incl. my contribute track “Der Automat und sein Junior” alongside many great artists!

1. Andrés Marcos – La Porta Socchiusa
2. Jay Phonic – Dreamcell Override
3. Arbee – Balle Sur Fond Beige
4. Revy – Throne
5. TomZn – Jimmy Glitschi
6. Ingemar Stalholm – mi8pa8
7. ((S*5)) – The Future
8. John Foley – Donkey Jockey, Smackin’ Those Itchies
9. Leriseux – Do Androids Dream of Beep?
10. Storlon – Scottish Dreams
11. Bleupulp – 13 Flames
12. Rutti Savrola – Rutti Dreams of Normal Life
13. Marianne – Child
14. Time For Trees – Once You Turn Away
15. Aphreaq – Breathing Enmity
16. Adriano Mirabile – Der Automat und Sein Junior
17. Hemiptera – When Sound is a Weapon
18. Shibby Shitegeist – Dreaming Deadlines


Our collective has come together in Bleepsequence’s fourth collaborative compilation with new efforts in manifesting the deep passions and anxieties of our fluctuating patterns of consciousness. The assignment: Forming dreams into sound. The experiment resulted in a beautiful haze of textures, lush pads, strange found sound, clicky grooves, and thoughtful moods ranging from peaceful to foreboding.

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In News

thanks to radio altroverso for the support!

Playlist May

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In News

thanks to a-mesh aka nooncat for taking my track “stolen heart” for his mix in the podcast serie deepton!

deepton 13 spezial
01 Audision – Song of the Ocean – Playmade
02 Patrick Chardronnet – Random Beauty – Connaisseur
03 Juan Atkins & Moritz von Oswald – Footprints – Tresor
04 Erika – Tow Ride (Marcellus Pittman Remix) – Interdimensional Transmission
05 Lawrence – Angels At Night – Dial
06 Adriano Mirabile – Stolen Heart – Sirion Rec.
07 Fenin – Es Gibt Schlimmeres (map.ache Remix) – Shitkatapult
08 John Tejada & Justin Maxwell – Dazzle – Detone
09 000 – Residual Layer – Amam
10 Levon Vincent – I Owe You Everything – Novel Sound
11 Seidensticker & Salour – Sally Korea feat. Rufus – URSL
12 Downtown Party Network – Space Me Out – Silence Family LTD
13 Yagya – As It Is – Subwax BCN

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Liebe Freunde

Stolz darf ich meine Oor Wurm EP (Senzen06) inklusiv killer Remix von Benno Blome auf Senzen Records, Berlin ankündigen!

Gerne würde ich diesen Release mit Euch zusammen am 17.04.2014 in der Taxi Bar feiern! Dafür haben wir ein kleines aber piekfeines Line Up organisiert;-)!

Benno Blome (Sender Records, Senzen)
Adriano Mirabile (Senzen, Sirion Records, Stasis Recordings, Sinneswandel)
Marco Repetto live (Inzec Records, Sinneswandel)

Facebook Event

Senzen Records
Taxi Bar


Dear Friends out there

Proud to announce my next ep (Oor Wurm EP, Senzen06) soon on Senzen Records, Berlin included a killergroove remix from Benno Blome!

only to name a few label artists and remixer…
tigerskin, kottelet&zadak, jens bond, acumen and for the next release ada
and sid le rock!

I would love to celebrate this release together with you all on the 17/04/2014 in the Taxi Bar, Berne! For this reason we have organized a small but very nice line up;-)!

Benno Blome (Sender Records, Senzen)
Adriano Mirabile (Senzen, Sirion Records, Stasis Recordings, Sinneswandel)
Marco Repetto live (Inzec Records, Sinneswandel)

Facebook Event

Senzen Records
Taxi Bar

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Zum zweiten Kapitel lädt Sinneswandel das Label Klamauk aus Mainz ein. Klamauk wurde im August 2008 gegründet und fördert Musik und Kunst von international renomierten Künstlern. Klamauk bedeutet Verwirrung, Poltern, Schreien, Lärm, Aufruhr, Schauspiel, Hektik, Unruhe. Neben dieser abstrakten Interpretation ist der Leitsatz und das Konzept des Labels die Tatsache, dass nichts in Klang und Design wichtiger ist als der Wandel. Zu den Label Artisten gehören, nebst anderen, namhafte Acts wie Ark, Paul Frick, Frivolous, Roman Rauch oder Tom Ellis und natürlich auch Labelhead Tilman. Tilman, produziert treibenden, harmonischen, funkenden House, der auch mal frickeln darf und gleichzeitig immer überrascht! Auf sein Set darf man nur gespannt sein!
Andere Welt!!

Der zweite Act, Adriano Mirabile, seines Zeichen Mitbegründer der Sinneswandel Nächte, wird die Nacht mit seinen schwebenden und träumerischtreibenden Sounds abrunden!


For the second chapter Sinneswandel invites the label Klamauk from Mainz. Klamauk was founded in August 2008 and promotes music and art produced by artists from around the world. The German word Klamauk means confusion, rumbling, shouting, noise, riot, drama, stress, anxiety. In addition to this abstract interpretation is the guiding principle and the concept of the label that nothing in sound and design is more important than change. The label includes well known artists and acts such as Ark, Paul Frick, Frivolous, Roman Rauch and Tom Ellis and of course the labelhead Tilman. Tilman’s tracks are driving, harmonious, and funky House, with an experimental touch but always surprised! On his set should anyone be excited!
Other World!

The second Act, Adriano Mirabile, co-founder of the Sinneswandel events will round up the night with its floating and dreamy driving sounds!

Tilman (Klamauk, Minibar, Maria Colors, Lebensfreude), Mainz
Adriano Mirabile (Senzen, Sirion Rec., Stasis Recordings, Sinneswandel), Bern

Freuen uns auf Euch!

Ab 23.00 Uhr im

more informations:
Klamauk Records
Kapitel Bollwerk

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Adriano Mirabile (Senzen, Stasis Rec., Sirion Rec., Sinneswandel), Bern
Mike Machine (Sirion Rec., Sinneswandel), Zürich

Liebling ist angesagt.

ab 22:00 Uhr freuen wir uns die Dampfere zu rocken!

FB Event

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